[FWTools] FWTools and autoconf

Michael Behrisch behrisch at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 12 09:52:44 EST 2007

I tried to use autoconf to check for the GDAL-library and wanted
to use the AC_CHECK_LIB macro which works well if I compile
GDAL by myself but if I use the FWTools package I get in trouble
with the libraries libgdal depends on. It is neither sufficient
to supply the output of gdal-config --dep-libs as an additional
parameter to the AC_CHECK_LIB call (because some of the libraries
mentioned there are not inside the FWTools package, for instance
-lltidsdk) nor did the simple inclusion of all libraries which
are in the FWTools/lib directory work (complains about libpng
being the wrong version). On the other hand if I disable the
autoconf check and just link with the gdal library coming with
the FWTools it works fine.
Any ideas how to check correctly?


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