[FWTools] fwtools 1.1.3 mapserver running on tomcat/cgi on windows

Dave Potts dave.potts at pinan.co.uk
Wed Jan 10 18:52:36 EST 2007

    I have been using mapserver on unix from under tomcat invoked by a cgi 
    I have ported the entire system to windows
    I invoke mapserver from fwtools by calling the following script
    call "C:\program files\fwtools1.1.3\setfw.bat"
    call "C:\program files\fwtools1.1.3\bin\mapserv.exe"
    I receive the error msEvalRegex(): Regular expression error. 
    String(../../maps/en-gb_dsk_manor.map) failed expression test
    The file name ../../maps/en-gb_dsk_manor.map is my map parmeter file.
    I don't understand WHY its doing this
    Invoke my script directly ie
    Correctly generates the string 'No query information to decode. 
    QUERY_STRING is set, but is empty." so I known that mapserver is being 
    invoked correctly.
    Using the argument, 
    results in the error message msProcessProjection(): library error. No 
    such file or directory (The results are the same if I url encode the 
    path, ie swop the / character for a %2F)
    I have used the file setfw.bat to set up the work envronment for 
    mapserv, is there any other type of set up file, or varible that should 
    be set ?
    Dave Potts.

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