[FWTools] running python scripts

Travis Kirstine traviskirstine at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 14:08:39 EST 2007

I had both fwtools and gdal
   compiled/installed on my machine (linux fc6) and was writing a few
   scripts in python and everything seemed ok.  I then transfered the
   scripts to a machine with only fwtools installed and attempted to run
   the scripts and get cannot import gdal error.  Do I have to point the
   the python that is install with the fwtools build (if so how do I do
   that) or do I have to configure and install gdal from source.  I would
   like just to use fwtools so I don't have to track down all libraries.

Travis K.

Toronto, Canada
"She knows there's no success like failure
And that failure's no success at all."
-Bob Dylan-

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