[FWTools] Converting RBGA UIint 16 images to RGB Byte images

Travis Kirstine tkirstine at jdbarnes.com
Mon Jan 22 15:59:37 EST 2007

Hi All
I've been tring to translate a RGBA UInt16 image to a RGB Byte type image
without much success.  The output is almost all white 255 255 255 with a few
red/green/blue pixels.  My guess is that since most of the input pixel
values are greater than 255 gdal assigns a value of 255 to the output pixels
(that isprobally the way it should work).  Is there a switch or method to
compress the int16 input image pixels range to a Byte range 0 - 255(does
that make any sence?). So that I retain the image info.

Travis Kirstine
First Base Solutions Limited
Markham, ON

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