[FWTools] gdal_translate Meteosat hdf5

combal at free.fr combal at free.fr
Mon Jun 25 06:51:01 EDT 2007

Dear all,

I would need to transform some meteosat HDF5 files into geotiff.
gdalinfo reads the informations about each subdataset,
but says the dimensions are 1151x0, while h5ls command
(from the hdf group) says that the dimensions of the subdataset
are: 1151x2211.

My problem is that gdal_translate fails to export the image into
the error message is:
szFilenname HDF5_XXXX
Input file size is 0, 1151
-srcwin 0 0 0 1151 falls outside raster size of 0x1151
or is otherwise illegal.

Would someone see how to do, force dimensions, or anything else?



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