[FWTools] Questions about gdalwarp from fwtools-linux distribution

Giannakos Apostolos geom06005 at geo.aegean.gr
Wed Oct 10 11:52:51 EDT 2007

Dear list

I am a new user of fwtools version 1.3.7  in ubuntu  distribution
i looked the explanation of the options that has gdalwarp utility.  After searching a little bit i have few questions about it. 

 First in my case i want to be able  to import the same input and reference gcps in each erdas imagine (hfa) img so as to perform geometric correction and then resample procedure for a great number, more than 300 of raw(without spatial reference) erdas images. How can i import my gcps in a way that i do not have to type them for each image when i am executing gdalwarp command? 

Furthermore i did not understand what -multi option does? Is there a way the procedure could be automatically done? I think that -srcfile -dstfile option limits the batch capabilities in away that for each time i use the gdalwarp i have to specify the input and output image. Can i specify input and output folder for all my images   instead of this single and time consuming procedure?
I would really appreciate it if anyone that had faced the same problem give me a response. 

Thanks in advance for your time and patience reading the whole text


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