[FWTools] Gdal_translate "Too many command options"

Brotzman, Karl D. Karl.Brotzman at gd-ais.com
Thu Oct 18 09:03:04 EDT 2007

That was a great clue for me, because I don't see "directional quotes". 

I was copying the command string from an MS Notepad document so that I
could "experiment".  When I copy the string from Notepad and paste it
into the shell window I get the message about "Too many command
options".  When I type the command directly into the shell window,
gdal_translate works just fine.  The commands appear identical to me.

Apparently, copy and paste is doing something to the command line.

Problem fixed.  Thank you!


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Brotzman, Karl D. wrote:
> I'm a new user!  I'm sure I'm doing something odd, but I sure don't
see it.
> I feed the following command string to my FWTools Shell on a PC
running XP
>      */gdal_translate -ot Float32 -of Gtiff -co "COMPRESS=LZ77" -a_srs

> "WGS84" bathy.asc bathy.tif/*
> It tells me "Too many command options." Shows me Usage, and the format

> drivers.  I've tried eliminating commands and options one at a time,
> in different orders.  For example, I eliminate the -co
> I get results when I've paired down my command string to just
>      */gdal_translate bathy.asc bathy.tif/*
> */ /*
> I did start out with gdalwin32exe142.zip yesterday, but received the 
> same results.  I deleted that executable, and the environment variable

> and modification to the %PATH for it.  I'm sure I'm executing FWTools 
> because the Console Window says "FWTools Shell", and the prompt is 
> C:\Program Files\FWTools1.3.7>


I'm not sure myself.  My I suspect you are using "directional quotes"
instead of plain double quotes.  At least you seem to use special
quote characters in the example you cut and pasted into your email.

As mentioned, the COMPRESS argument should be LZW, but I can't see
how that error would cause the problem you see.

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