[FWTools] how can i get the fwtools?

=?gb2312?B?1uwgwbzQ2w==?= zhuliangxiong at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 5 04:14:01 EDT 2007

hi dear!
   it seems that the link in the offical website was broken.
if any one who has it in your pc .please send a copy to this email:  
 zhuliangxiong at hotmail.com  or
 zhushare at 126.com.
  thank you so much.
  as quickly as possible please.

ÏíÓÃÊÀ½çÉÏ×î´óµÄµç×ÓÓʼþϵͳ¡ª MSN Hotmail¡£  http://www.hotmail.com  

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