[FWTools] convert postgis data to kml

Shad Keene shadkeene at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 2 14:16:19 EDT 2008

My goal is to display various shapes(polygons, points, linestring) on google maps by using data entered into a postgis database.  I was looking for a way to do this that used the spatial structure already provided in postgis(already designating if shape is a linestring or polygon, etc) instead of parsing out the coordinates and then re-entering spatial structure in google maps.  I saw that google maps api is now compatible with kml data formats.  And then I read that FWTools can convert postgis data to kml format.  
I've done some reading in the forums about the actual process of converting postgis data to kml via FWTools, but didn't see anything that would help me.  I'm new to kml but am familiar with postgis and perl language.  Is there a tutorial for the process of converting postgis data to kml?  Where can I get started?  Thanks for any help,

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