[FWTools] problem with ogr2ogr defining the srs (FWTools 2.0.6. on linux os)

Christian.Strobl at dlr.de Christian.Strobl at dlr.de
Fri Jun 20 06:44:54 EDT 2008

hi all,

i am using fwtools with suse 10.3. if i import a shapefile to a
postgis-db with ogr2ogr the postgis-layer has always the same srid 32767
although i define with -a_srs EPSG:4326 a different one.
the complete command is below

ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL -nlt MULTIPOLYGON -nln polbnda PG:'host=
user=christian dbname=posttest' /home/christian/polbnda_bnd.shp -a_srs

with other ogr2ogr-versions i had never a problem, so maybe it is bug of
FWTools 2.0.6
can anybody reproduce this
thanks and greetings from munich

p.s. i can correct the wrong srid within postgres with 

select UpdateGeometrySRID('polbnda', 'wkb_geometry', 4326);

so i think it's not a postgis-problem. it's also the same with using
t_srs or s_srs

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