[FWTools] gdal_polygonize.py bindings error

jjknoops at netscape.net jjknoops at netscape.net
Tue Nov 25 02:54:36 EST 2008

Hello Everybody,

I was trying to use gdal_polygonize.py but i get an error that i am using an old 'gen'. 
But the strange thing is that i can run the script with out any variable without any problem.
When i run it without variable then i get this

>Python "C:\Program Files\FWTools2.2.8\bin\gdal_polygonize.py"

gdal_polygonize [-o name=value] [-nomask] [-mask filename] raster_file [-b band]

??????????????? [-q] [-f ogr_format] out_file [layer] [fieldname]

But when I try to use it with variable I get this message

Python "C:\Program Files\FWTools2.2.8\bin\gdal_polygonize.py"? of91035.img test

gdal.Polygonize() not available.? You are likely using "old gen"
bindings or an older version of the next gen bindings.

I am using FWTools228 on a windows XP computer. The python version I am using is the one supplied with fwtools (2.3.4)

What I am i doing wrong?

Best Regards,
Jaap Knoops
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