[FWTools] Changes in epsg file not considered

Fischer, Andreas Andreas.Fischer at kreis-unna.de
Wed Dec 2 09:15:23 EST 2009

Hi Frank,
thank you for the hint. 
That explains the behavior, I didn't understand before.
I still have a couple of questions concerning gdal-tools. 
But I think I should rather use the gdal list for this (gdal-dev at lists.osgeo.org), shouldn't I?
Thank you for your replay and the software at all, that does such a great job transforming my data!
Best regards

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Betreff: Re: [FWTools] Changes in epsg file not considered

Fischer, Andreas wrote:
> Now the GeoTiff-Tags are fine but the result isn't any more. :-(
> I assume that the change in the epsg-file is not considered, because I 
> even deleted this file and gdalwarp didn't bother at all. I tried this 
> on a linux-Server with gdal (1.4.2) and proj (4.5.0) too. In this case 
> may changes in epsg were considered! Is this a bug in FWTools, uses 
> gdalwarp other definitions than in epsg or did I make a mistake?


GDAL tools generally do not use the PROJ.4 epsg init file, and instead
read their EPSG definitions from the pcs.csv and gcs.csv files in the
GDAL data directory (FWTools<version>\data\pcs.csv and gcs.csv).

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