[FWTools] PATH Variable set by FWTools Windows Installer

Helmut Schmidt hs089 at arcor.de
Sat Dec 19 13:54:33 EST 2009


I think that I have observed a problem with the way the FWTools Windows 
Installer is setting the PATH Variable.
I have seen this with FWTools 2.4.6 and also with FWTools 2.4.2 (as part 
of the QLandkarteGT 0.16 installation) on two different computers 
running Windows XP.

1.) It seems the the User Variable Path is overwritten by the installer, 
instead of appending to the existing content
2.) The content which is set is
As result of the %PATH% within, the PATH visble to applications contains 
the value of the System Variable PATH twice: one time because of 
concatenation of User and System variable, the other time because of the 
expansion of the %PATH% in the User variables.

Best Regards,

Helmut Schmidt

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