[FWTools] PATH Variable set by FWTools Windows Installer

Helmut Schmidt hs089 at arcor.de
Sun Dec 20 13:05:45 EST 2009


thank you for the clarification.
Of course, you are right. This must happen during the QLandkarteGT 
installation. I will contact the QLandkarteGT developers.

There is one thing in this context which I do not understand:
In bin/setfwenv.bat,
the PATH variable is set as
instead of
which I would have expected.
I am not a batch file programming expert, just wondering.

Best regards,


Am 2009/12/19 22:09, schrieb Even Rouault:
> Helmut,
> The regular FWTools distribution doesn't seem to alter the User Variable
> Path for me. The path is just changed when you run "setfw.bat" . I
> suspect that what you observe is something specific to the QLandkarteGT
> 0.16 installation
> Best regards,
> Even
> Helmut Schmidt a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I think that I have observed a problem with the way the FWTools
>> Windows Installer is setting the PATH Variable.
>> I have seen this with FWTools 2.4.6 and also with FWTools 2.4.2 (as
>> part of the QLandkarteGT 0.16 installation) on two different computers
>> running Windows XP.
>> 1.) It seems the the User Variable Path is overwritten by the
>> installer, instead of appending to the existing content
>> 2.) The content which is set is
>> %FWTOOLS_DIR%\bin;%FWTOOLS_DIR%\python;%PATH%
>> As result of the %PATH% within, the PATH visble to applications
>> contains the value of the System Variable PATH twice: one time because
>> of concatenation of User and System variable, the other time because
>> of the expansion of the %PATH% in the User variables.
>> Best Regards,
>> Helmut Schmidt

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