[FWTools] openev failure

Yasha Karant ykarant at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 02:41:46 EST 2009

When opening a jpeg2000 (.jp2) file on Centos 5.3 current (RHEL 5.3) 
current, IA-32,
using openev (that is jp2 compatible)

I get the message:

/var/local/FWTools-2.0.6/bin/openev: line 25: 14274 Segmentation 
fault      ${OPENEV_HOME}/bin/python ${OPENEV_HOME}/pymod/openev.py "$@"

I have run install.sh as root and as myself

I have done source /var/local/FWTools-2.0.6/fwtools_env.sh from my shell 

/var/local/FWTools-2.0.6 is where I have unpacked the tar.gz 

Any idea what is wrong?

Please reply.

ykarant at gmail.com

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