[FWTools] Question about GFS files

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Oct 28 13:39:58 EST 2009

Tim Manners wrote:
> For example:
> The following section of GML defines how a piece of text is rendered in
> terms of the anchorPosition, font, height and orientation...
> <osgb:textRendering>
> <osgb:anchorPosition>3</osgb:anchorPosition>
> <osgb:font>1</osgb:font>
> <osgb:height>3.000</osgb:height>
> <osgb:orientation>0</osgb:orientation>
> </osgb:textRendering>
> Is it possible to handle a nested element in the <ElementPath> tag of
> the GFS file? If so - how is it done?


I think you would specify the path to the element (relative to the
feature) in the ElementPath element in the GFS file.


It is possible that the parser has already stripped off namespaces
at the point these are processed in which case you would need to
do it without the osgb: prefixes.

> Additionally, is it possible to bring mathematical functions into the
> GFS file? The reason that I ask is because the orientation element is
> stored in tenths of a degree - meaning it needs to be divided by 10 to
> get the true orientation angle (and it would be good to perform this
> function on the data load - as opposed to subsequently in PostgreSQL).

No, this is not supported in a .gfs file.  At this point I would normally
consider writing a load script to perform feature transformations during

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