[FWTools] PGeo->Postgres on Ubuntu 9.04. Can virtualbox help?

David Epstein davideps at umich.edu
Mon Jul 19 18:43:50 EST 2010


I am running Ubuntu 9.04 and have virtualbox with Vista.

I need to extract data from an ESRI Personal Geodatabase (.mdb file) to
a postgres/postGIS server running on my linux machine. 

>From my virtualbox Vista, I can use the fwtools "PGeo" format to access
the data, but cannot use the PostgreSQL format and PG settings to load
it, since the server is running on the host. Port forwarding may work,
but I am unsure how to do it. Related posts focus on the host->guest

>From linux, I downloaded fwtools, but do not see the PGeo format as

I was hoping to generate an intermediate (pgdump?) file on Vista and
then load this into my postgres server on linux. But, I do not see this
as a format option.

I welcome any advice or ideas. Thank you in advance!


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