[FWTools] PGeo->Postgres on Ubuntu 9.04. Can virtualbox help?

Roald de Wit list at rdewit.net
Wed Jul 21 23:08:33 EST 2010

Hi David,

On 22/07/10 13:33, David Epstein wrote:
> Thank you for explaining these details. After converting the PGeo file,
> the shapefile dbf is over 2GB. This fails to load into postgres with
> both shp2pgsql&  ogr2ogr. With the former I get an fseek error&  with
> the latter:
> ERROR 1: INSERT command for new feature failed.
> ERROR:  new row for relation "parcel_esri_exp" violates check constraint
> "enforce_geotype_wkb_geometry"
> Do you know if this problem will exist regardless of the source format?
> Do I need to divide the geometry, load, and then recombine in postGIS?
> I'm certain 2GB is not the largest file people are working with--what do
> people do to move between formats?

I don't know much about the file limitations of shapefiles. The OGR doc 
[1] says the following:

    "Geometry: The Shapefile format explicitly uses 32bit offsets and so
    cannot go over 8GB (it actually uses 32bit offsets to 16bit words).
    Hence, it is is not recommended to use a file size over 4GB."

So, your file size should not be an issue (assuming you don't use a FAT 
file system). I tend to think that something is not right with your 
geometries. A search for "violates check constraint 
enforce_geotype_wkb_geometry" might give some hints what could be wrong 
with your data.

Regards, Roald

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