[FWTools] gdalwarp and corrupted lat/lons

johncoady at netzero.net johncoady at netzero.net
Tue Jun 15 07:06:43 EST 2010

This is a New York state raster image I cannot seem to warp to lat/lon wgs84 projection AND keep the lat/lon extents.
I am not a GIS professional. Sorry.
It's the first one on this page.
The image has roads w/ intersections so I can check for accurate placement on google earth.
(702000,2148000) (0,0)           Label "Pt 1",
(708000,2148000) (3000,0)      Label "Pt 2",
(708000,2144000) (3000,2000) Label "Pt 3",
(702000,2144000) (0,2000)      Label "Pt 4"
CoordSys Earth Projection 8,74,"survey ft",-74.5,38.83333333,0.9999,492125,0
Plugging these values into corpscon6 and using state plane east/zone-3101/us Survey foot

UpperLeft,     44.725699136, -73.692442816
LowerLeft,    44.714727809, - 73.692595425
UpperRight,  44.725533564,  -73.669358399
LowerRight, 44.714562300,  -73.669515370
These are the right values, according to google earth.
I cannot come up with the correct syntax to accurately warp and preserve the lat/lon extents.
I suspect that it is in the -s_srs definition. I have tried many.gdalwarp -s_srs ???????????????? -t_srs "+proj=latlong +datum=WGS84" -co INTERLEAVE=PIXEL -co TFW=YES -rcs -of GTiff 22144.jp2 x.tif
Here is an example I was sure would work.
C:\FWTools\bin>gdalwarp -s_srs "

EPSG:3101 +datum=NAD83" -t_srs "+proj=latlong +datum=WGS84" -co INTERLEAVE=PIXEL -co TFW=YES -rcs -of GTiff 22144.jp2 x.tif ...editted output....Creating output file that is 3072P x 1961L
.............Metadata:Corner Coordinates:
Upper Left ( 148.9233670, 19.4161301) (148d55'24.12"E, 19d24'58.07"N)
Lower Left ( 148.9233670, 19.3793925) (148d55'24.12"E, 19d22'45.81"N)
Upper Right ( 148.9809182, 19.4161301) (148d58'51.31"E, 19d24'58.07"N)
Lower Right ( 148.9809182, 19.3793925) (148d58'51.31"E, 19d22'45.81"N)
The GTiff file  has corrupted extents. Can anyone help?

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