[Geotiff] Geotiffs for mapping of imaginary worlds

Mike Parkes mikeparkes at rogers.com
Thu Nov 24 14:44:05 EST 2005

This will probably seem like a very weird request


What I am interested in doing is using GIS software to map an imaginary planet.


My starting point is a number of raster images in different projections that cover parts of the planet (e.g. Robinson projection for a world map, different projection for larger-scale maps). I want to be able to integrate and overlay these images, then create vector shapefiles. I’m only concerned with surface mapping (no elevation modeling), at least for now.


The imaginary world is perfectly spherical, but a different size from Earth. Hence, to georeference my images, I need a GIS program that allows user-defined datums. 


I have been investigating the GeoTiff file format, and (through the Listgeo and geotifcp utilities), it has all the machinery that I need to create an imaginary datum, a map projection and to attach the datum and projection to an image. However, I haven’t been able to find a software package that can actually interpret and make use of this specialized GeoTiff information. 


Which free or low-cost GIS software packages can utilize Geotiff's capability for user-defined datums?


Thanks for any help!

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