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------- Additional Comments From tim at commenspace.org  2006-04-03 18:48 -------
I've added a fourth option for "tile_source."  The "nocache" option causes a
tile to be requested from a new file, tile_nocache.php.  This option causes a
tile to be drawn only slightly larger than the actual image returned (see
tile_nocache.php for $tileBuffer) - so a large metatile is not drawn.  A second
feature of tile_nocache.php is that it allows for variable substitution (a la
MapServer CGI).  This currently works for layer->data, layer->connection,
layer->filter, and for class->expression.  To get variable subtitution to work,
the javascript _layer can have a replacementVariables object added to it (e.g.
myLayer.replacementVariables = {key1 : 'value1', key2: 'value2'}).  Real
documentation will follow.

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