[ka-Map-dev] Re: [ka-Map-users] precache

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Apr 25 06:46:42 EDT 2006

Hi Tim,

> I've updated precache2.php to address an issue I had overlooked.

got it.

>> 2) launched precache2.php
>> cache dir is 2.8 MB (1419 objects)
>> 4) I open ka-Map application as it is. Immages are charged:
>> cache dir 3.1 MB (1701 objects)
> If you're using max_extents, both pre-caching and panning/zooming will
> always generate more tiles than are displayed in the viewport.  The
> precache2.php script generates an integer number of metatiles, ensuring
> that the tiles overlap your max_extents.

I'm not using max_extent.

> While you're panning/zooming,
> tile requests are triggered in a buffer around your viewport.
> Generally, panning/zooming causes more excess tiles to be generated 
> than
> pre-caching.

yes, I agree.

> The solution to this is to modify precache2.php to produce a bigger
> buffer around the viewport or to modify kaMap.js so that it doesn't
> request tiles outside the maximum extent.  I'm guessing that the vote
> would be to render more tiles rather than burden kaMap.js with another
> conditional check.

I do vote: more tiles.
I've read your post on bugzilla, I'll try again.


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