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pspencer at dmsolutions.ca changed:

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------- Additional Comments From pspencer at dmsolutions.ca  2006-02-07 16:27 -------
enhancement to come in v0.3.  I propose extending the mapfile array in config.php to include an 
additional parameter, the version, which is appened to the tileURL in init.php.  With regards to using this 
to regenerate the cache, we could store the version that was passed to the tile.php script when the tiles 
are created in the meta folder as a file ... the code in tile.php could check for the existance of this file 
before returning cached tiles, and regenerate if the file doesn't exist.  Should old versions be deleted when 
creating new ones?  This could create overhead in tile.php I think, but only when switching versions so it 
would be less apparent since the tiles have to be created anyway.

Comments on this? 

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