[ka-Map-dev] Overlay Objects

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Feb 8 12:24:19 EST 2006

On this point specifically, the overlay would not become big ... it  
is always the size of the viewport and is re-generated every time the  
extents/scale changes ... it would move as the map is panned and  
would not fill in at the edges, but when the pan stops, it would be  
removed and a new one generated for the new extents.



On 8-Feb-06, at 10:32 AM, Lorenzo Becchi wrote:

> # I think that we have to focus on mode 1 and 3. We do the 1, you  
> do the 3 (anyway we can help each other). With respect to Stephen  
> his solution is quite heavy: what happens if you in a world map you  
> ask to overlay russia and then you start zooming? russia overlay  
> start to became enormous.  Is it the point?

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