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tim at commenspace.org changed:

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------- Additional Comments From tim at commenspace.org  2006-02-09 20:55 -------
I'm committing a rewritten precache.php, called from the command line as follows

    php precache.php [<-options>] <tile_url>

    Where <tile_url> is the URL to your tile.php script
    (e.g. http://localhost/ka-map/htdocs/tile.php)

        -f          Force tile.php to overwrite existing cached images
        -m <map>    Limit cache creation to a single map
        -s <scale>  Limit cache creation to a single scale

Because file_get_contents() occasionally fails, I've included some basic error
reporting.  I also noticed that a browser creates some more "beyond the edge"
tiles than this precache.php, but as far as I could tell, they were all blank
images.  Interested to know if it works for others.

Tim Schaub

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