[ka-Map-dev] [Bug 1308] Error when the base layer is not visible on certain scales...

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------- Additional Comments From pieter.roggemans at ewbl.vlaanderen.be  2006-02-27 15:06 -------
1) In my configuration, there is always another layer visible at the moment 
that the base layer is invisible.
2) If there is no layer visible, this fix still works: this is the reason that 
I do the extra != null check. If there are no layers active, nothing needs to 
be drawn... so nothing can go wrong: if you just check if layer := null 
(without using getlayers()), you cannot drag the map anymore (nothing is drawn 
after you drag).  I don't know the code good enough to know why.
3) I suppose you know, but getlayers() checks for each layer wether he is 
visible at the scale or not.  So the list returns only the visible layers.  
Because the layers are visible, the domObj.childNodes is filled... so I don't 
think this is going to give problems.
4) Other places where the assumption is made... I don't get any other errors... 
for wat that is worth :-)...

BUT: I don't know anything of the code... so I am not at all sure his is the 
cleanest way to fix this...
REM: Like your project a lot!

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