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dmorissette at mapgears.com changed:

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------- Additional Comments From dmorissette at mapgears.com  2006-07-05 11:23 -------
Fixed. I have committed an initial version of this to CVS. 

The following files were updated to take acces control into account:

Are there other files that would need to be updated to control access to layers?

NOTE: I had to change the approach a bit in order to allow access control in
scritps that do not need to open the mapfile. The authorized_users is now an
array set in the $aszMapFiles[] in config.php instead of being set in layer
metadata in the mapfile.

Here are the new docs from auth.php:
 * This file provides a simple authentication and access control scheme
 * to allow controlling access to layers and application features by user.
 * It should be possible to write a drop-in replacement for this file to 
 * different access control mechanisms.
 * This implementation uses the $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'] variable to lookup 
 * the authenticated visitor name. This implies that user/password validation
 * is handled by Apache using Basic Authentication (.htaccess + htpasswd 
 * files).
 * If $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'] is not set then access control is disabled,
 * or in other words everything is wide open.
 * AuthorizedUsers array:
 * ----------------------
 * The kaBasicAuthentication() constructor takes an AuthorizedUsers array
 * as argument that contains a list of privileges and for each privilege
 * the list of user ids that are authorized to access this named privilege.
 * The privilege name can be either a map layer/group name, or an application
 * feature.
 * e.g. array( 'layer1' => array('user1', 'user2', 'user3'),
 *             'layer2' => array('user1', 'user2'),
 *             'tool.identify' => array('user1') )
 * If no entry is set for a given privilege in the AuthorizedUsers array then
 * this privilege is available to all (i.e. testPrivilege() will always return
 * TRUE for this privilege).

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