[ka-Map-dev] Bug in tile.php?

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Sun Mar 19 20:37:34 EST 2006


this isn't actually a bug but the code is perhaps a little  
unnecessary.  The calculated variables indicate the size of a pixel  
in geographic units in the x and y directions.  Normally these are  
equal (pixels are square) although it is possible for pixels to be  
non-square.  If that is ever needed, then we would replace the code  
calculating these values with the appropriate calculation for each  



On 17-Mar-06, at 6:41 AM, Gabriel Rodríguez Alberich wrote:

> I don't know if this is a bug, because I don't know what these  
> variables
> really mean, but anyway this seems somewhat suspectful to me.  
> Around line 173
> of tile.php:
> $geoWidth = $scale/($oMap->resolution*$inchesPerUnit[$oMap->units]);
> $geoHeight = $scale/($oMap->resolution*$inchesPerUnit[$oMap->units]);
> Both are defined exactly the same way. Is this correct?
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