[ka-Map-dev] Road to version 2

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Mar 23 14:48:06 EST 2007

Hi devs,
I have finally the time (and contract) to do the integration of 
OpenLayer inside ka-Map.
This will motivate the road to version 2.0

We've debated this with Paul and Andrea Cappugi and we've identified 
some key points:

1) maitaining or not retro-compatibility
My first idea was to create a wrapper inside ka-Map.js to OpenLayers 
Paul suggested to try to think at replacing completely ka-Map object 
with OpenLoayers map object and then adapt all tools as keymap, legend, 
scalebar, ecc.
I actually think that Paul suggestion is the better choice.

2) CVS vs SVN
this big change will be the good occasion to clean up a little bit the 
directory structure. CVS doesn't allow to move files and dirs without 
losing their history.
Paul has asked OSGeo in it would be possible to provide and SVN account, 
we are waiting for the response.
this doesn't mean we've already decided to move.

some as point 2, Paul asked OSGeo to provide a track account for ka-Map.

4) OSGeo incubation
This is not really related to our code but we've started thinking to 
apply at OSGeo incubation process.
I've set up a first try of the questionnaire:

I would like to invite all developers to express their opinion on this 


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