[ka-Map-dev] osgeo hosting of svn/trac

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Mar 23 18:27:21 EST 2007

Dear ka-Mappers ...

OSGeo has indicated that they are willing to provide SVN/Trac  
services to the ka-Map project.  I will let Lorenzo lead from here  
since this is his initiative, but I personally support the move to  
SVN because I find it much easier to work with and I am impressed  
with the tight integration of Trac with SVN.

There are a lot of things to discuss concerning this:

* moving the source code repository from MapTools CVS to SVN.  There  
are some choices when we do this:

   - use SVN only for new development, leave existing code in CVS
   - use SVN for all existing source and new development (the  
intention would be to preserve the history from cvs)
   - don't move anything

* moving issue tracking to Trac.  There are some choices here too:

   - continue to use bugzilla (don't bother with Trac)
   - start fresh in Trac (don't bring existing stuff across).   
Bugzilla ka-Map product would be left in place and closed for bug entry.
   - attempt to bring all bug history into Trac.  Bugzilla ka-Map  
product would be closed for bug entry and, if possible, deleted

* moving wiki to Trac.  There are some choices:

   - Move the ominiverde wiki into Trac.  Trac is a wiki as well as  
an issue tracking system.
   - continue to use ominiverde wiki and use Trac only for issues

* moving ka-Map MapTools web site content into Trac ... I don't think  
we should do this as we attract a lot of attention from people going  
through MapTools ...

Please give some feedback ...



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