[ka-Map-dev] Ideas for last minute version 1.1 additions

Samuel Hiatt samhiatt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 13:03:10 EDT 2007

I haven't really been following the version 1.1 developments, but I did have
a couple last minute ideas that would probably be nice to implement before
the conference.

1.  When I first tried to install kamap I had to change a bunch of path
names and bang my head against the wall a few times before I got it to
work.  We should make sure the the release package works straight "out of
the box".

2.  We should include some simple sample data with the release to be able to
easily demonstrate fonctionality.  For example, we should have a few vector
layers and a simple raster layer, all of which are queryable.  This will
allow us to easily demonstrate the query system.

In my opinion these 2 additions will make a big difference in how kamap is
received at the conference.  If people are able to install and use kamap in
less than 2 minutes their jaws will drop as they drool over how cool it is.

I'll try to work on the first suggestion.  I don't have any good vector data
to do anything on the second.  Anyone want to take up that one?  I may even
add my custom interface to the package.  :Z

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