[ka-Map-dev] future of ka-Map

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Thu May 8 13:02:30 EDT 2008

>> what changes would you like to do to tile.php?
> nothing substantial I guess, but there was some discussion around 
> transparent tiles that got me thinking the code could be better 
> organised perhaps.  Also it may be nice to make the directory depth 
> configurable (we've added an extra level of meta directories to 
> accommodate larger tile sets.
> Also some work on cache management scripts would be nice:
> * pre-generate specific areas of the cache at specific scales
> * re-generate the cache based on tiles that are already in the cache 
> when there is new data
> * clean the cache to keep its size under control by removing least 
> recently accessed tiles

hmm, this is the part I'll try to skip
who has time for it?

>>> * a php-based tool that returns javascript or json to the client with 
>>> an appropriately configured layer(s) (all the settings for the layer 
>>> are taken from the configuration of the cache and other settings)
>> I was thinking to use OWS Context with an extension for the ka-Map 
>> layer. Another idea is the OLON object but has never come to be 
>> included in OL trunk. Both XML and JSON output can be easily offered.
> I like OLON :) but I am not sure what the best option would be.  I'd 
> like it to be something that you can point at a ka-Map php script of 
> some sort and the layers just magically get added to a map.

right, that's my dream too.
I'm not sure but I think that Tim Schaub has already inserted a OWS 
parser indipendent from OLON. I have to check OL's Trac.
If not we can temporally use my OWS class to extend OL.

I would like to talk about the directories structure.
- how to include OL?
- downloading last published version and creating a dir structure like this?
- what should happen when a new release of OL is published?
- how to deal with the huge amount of functions that OL offers?
- should we provide the FULL compiled (aka escaped) version? or the 
entire code of the project? (thinking to debuggers)
- should we just provide 2-3 different flavored compiled files (minimal, 
all-layers, vectorial-drawing, whatever...)?

more questions will come soon

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