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Dean C. Mikkelsen dcmikkelsen at shaw.ca
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Hi there!

Thanks for the information. I am glad to hear that mapscript can be used
and that Ka-Map can be easily moved in that direction with the current
set of tools.

The more I work with Open Source, the more I wish I had found it two
years ago.

Kind regards,

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With MapServer proper (the CGI that is) all you need is the point. As
long as you can get the coordinate of the click then you're golden. Just
take the point, create the query URL and open a new window. Same
approach would work with just about any backend, so ka-map probably does
all it needs too (besides, perhaps providing a popup window API).


>>> Paul Spencer <pspencer at dmsolutions.ca> 08/05/05 10:01 AM >>>

there is currently no query capability in the open-source ka-Map, 
largely because every need for queries ends up being different.  It is 
relatively easy to implement a query capability for any particular need,

but I don't plan on adding a generic one unless someone contributes it.

You can implement a query using mapscript by creating a php (or any 
other script language) script that loads the right map file and queries 
the point you have clicked on.



Dean C. Mikkelsen wrote:
> Good evening,
> I just looked at the TIGER data on your web-site. Very nice.
> On the current MapServer (ms4w or the fgs version), we can point and
> query a database, is this functionality planned for Ka-Map?
> Or are we using the same functions as found in the PHP/Mapscript 
> libraries?
> Cheers,
> Dean
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