[ka-Map-users] priorities of different tiles and groups

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Aug 8 13:23:55 EDT 2005


there is a bug related to this in ka-Map bugzilla.

The tile loading is very simplistic, it simply loads from top left to
bottom right for each group, regardless of visibility.

The bug refers to changing the loading to start at the center and work
out.  It does not include an enhancement to load non-visible groups last
- we've discussed this and the best option would actually be to not load
any images from any groups that are not visible until the group is made

I have not had a chance to work on either of these enhancements, but if
someone can provide a patch I would be willing to look at it.



enri wrote:
> When the browser request a map, I find it gets the tiles of diffrent groups sequently without any priority evaluation. Is it possible consider the priorities of different tiles and groups? For example, the tiles of visible groups in the current visible map window would have the highest priority, and then the tiles of visible groups in the buffer area, and the last should be the tiles of invisible groups. So that user can have a better impression about the performance, I guess.
> Just a proposal.
> Enri
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