[ka-Map-users] adding a raster to kamap (cvs)

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Aug 30 10:26:54 EDT 2005


this shouldn't be a problem, you should just add it in the map file and 
it should work.

To troubleshoot this, I would first attempt to render the map file 
without ka-map:


$oMap = ms_newMapObject( 'path to map file' );
$oImg = $oMap->draw();
$szURL = $oImg->saveWebImage();
echo "<img src=$szURL>";

if that produces a map, then the problem is in ka-Map somewhere.  The 
next step for me is to use firefox, wait for the tiles to fail loading, 
then open page info, click the media tab and find a url to tile.php ... 
then load that tile directly and see if there are error messages that 
are generated that way.



Steve Benzo wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to add a raster layer to the CVS version
> of ka-map. I just get blank tiles when I try to add
> them straight out, so I assume I'll need to tweak some
> code, just not sure where. Thanks in advance.
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