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Peter Giencke pgiencke at glc.org
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Here at the GLC, we've implemented a similar solution for point and click
queries using ka-Map. It works much like Lorenzo's version (difference is it
uses single-click queries writing to an iframe below the layer control). The
beauty of this solution is that it preserves the style of the 'layer
control' such that you can have seamless mapping controls/etc throughout.
Comments/etc welcome.


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can you send me the files involved and I will look at integrating them into
the cvs version of ka-Map.  I will take care of any clean-up and redesign



Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I've seen somebody is interested in a query system in Ka-map.
> We developed our own at
> maybe you've already seen it.
> It's a simple class implemented using your API.
> We did it as fast as possible to try it so it has not a great code and 
> can be better .
> I've seen the answers you've posted ([ka-Map-users] Point & Query a DB 
> ), if you have suggestions how to proceed we will be pleased to write 
> it in a proper way.
> I remember you that to query our system you have to click on the 
> viewport and press "q" key.
> then the cursor change in "help" style and you can double click on the 
> map to open the popup with the generic query result.
> The result is just a page that shows all active Layers (group) and all 
> value selected.
> any suggestion?
> regards
> Lorenzo

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