[ka-Map-users] RE: CVS imageformat && wms connectors

Steve Benzo steve_benzo at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 12:01:37 EST 2005

 I get that you can request the layer in whatever projection (SRS/EPSG) you specify in wmsLayer.js. The problem is (unless I'm missing something), requesting an extent/bbox in not-lat/lon (which happens when you're using a projected projection) returns an error or nothing from the server (they expect lat/lon?). Assuming that, I was presuming that we would just have to convert the bbox from projected to lat/lon to get a valid image back?

Paul Spencer <pspencer at dmsolutions.ca> wrote: more on this ... it would be really nice to have the wmsLayer  
automatically pick up the map projection.  This probably isn't that  
tricky to add, as long as the output projection at the MAP level is  
set and is an epsg code.  This would be a change in init.php ... I'm  
not likely to attempt this soon, so if you give it a shot, lemme know  
if it works and I can add to cvs :)



On 1-Dec-05, at 11:29 AM, Steve Benzo wrote:

> >>Hello,
> >>
> >>It appears that in the latest ka-map CVS version, the imageformat  
> (i=x) >>variable is being ignored, and the layers are taking the  
> specified format in the >>mapfile. Is there a simple fix for this?
> Answered my own question, just uncommented lines 54 & 55 in tile.php:
> if (isset($_REQUEST['i']))
>   setOutputFormat( $_REQUEST['i');
> Still stuck on the wms/projection issue however.
> >>Also, is there a way we can tweak the WMS js/php connecters to  
> convert >>whatever projection our map is using (say, UTM) to Lat/ 
> Lon so that we can add >>WMS layers from any projection instead of  
> just geographic.
> >>
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