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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Dec 5 17:48:07 EST 2005

The query capability just gives you the geographic coordinates that  
the user wants to query.  You will need to:

1) make an XmlHttpRequest call to the server to request a query of  
your data.  the call() function in xhr.js can do this for you.

2) write a PHP (or some other) script that actually takes the  
geographic coordinates and queries your data.  Depending on your  
data, you could approach querying in a number of ways.  MapScript is  
probably the most generic way, but if you have a postgis dataset it  
probably makes more sense to query it directly

3) return results to the client page that can be interpreted by  
javascript.  I have typically done this by returning javascript that  
gets eval'd by the client.  You could also return an XML document and  
navigate it using the DOM.



On 5-Dec-05, at 5:26 AM, Bahi AL_Fkharany wrote:

> Please can one tell me how to get data about specific
> point i click or tell me how to get real vertices of
> specific point.
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