[ka-Map-users] First installation of kamap.

hazmy hazeman hazmy.hazeman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 21:55:52 EST 2005

Jacob, Brent and Jason. Thanks man!

Anyway this is my first time into GIS/Mapserver/kamap, since before this I
am into network.  Any unofficial doc available on the net that can I get
more information.

Best regards and thanks,


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I think the issue may be that you are pointing to a phtml file rather 
than the mapfile.  I think it should be something like:

  $aszMapFiles = array(
    "gmap"   => array( "GMap", "/opt/fgs/apps/gmap-ms40/map/gmap.map",
                       array( 15000000, 7500000, 3000000, 1000000 ),

Best Regards,

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