[ka-Map-users] Problem with extent in kamap demo little changed

Marco Vieira marco_vieira at uk2.net
Fri Dec 9 05:55:05 EST 2005

Hi list.
 I Changed the extent in gmap75.map  to:

     EXTENT  -82.3512420 -56.8510672 -33.9029540 -3.0499433

 and in the config.php:

$aszMapFiles = array(
  "lbs"   => array( "Lbs (Teste)", "./lbs.map",
                     //array( 15000000, 7500000, 3000000, 1000000 ),
array( -52, -30.5, -51, -29.5 ),
 and put a South America image as a default layer.

 This map file runs well when I call it with mapserver cgi but in kamap I
get the following error:

"[MapServer Error]: setExtent(): Given map extent is invalid. in
....\init.php on line 93"

  Does the init.php prepareted to calculate negative coordinates in the
  Whats mean the
$inchesPerUnit = array(1, 12, 63360.0, 39.3701, 39370.1, 4374754);
  line in init.php?
  Whats worng with my changes?

Thank's for while.

Marco Vieira.
Fone:    + 55 21 9499-6800
marco_vieira at uk2.net

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