[ka-Map-users] Why is my ka-map application from the CVS server too slow?

medimap medimap medimap at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 21:37:13 EST 2005

Hi paul
     First thanks a lot for your great work. Ka-map+mapServer make us design
the map Web server easily. I am from China. But when I download the newest
ka-map edition from the CVS server to my PC and run it . There are some
   1.It is too slow when I view the map in IE OR FIRFOX and EMS memory&CPU
hold too much. Then I open the web explorer and input the url (eg.
http://localhost/ka-map/htdocs) it takes about one minute more to show the
first image. I don't know why? Because when I use the MapScript+php to
create a lager image it is very quickly. and when I use the ka-map
0.1.1edition it is also quickly.
   2. Would you like to tell me what the DM Solution US Street Map Demo's
hardware is? I think the data must be great but the rate could be accepted.
How can use my hardware to perform the same capability. My GIS data include
two cities (building/road/POI/userpoint/operation Point etc.) and each of
them is about 100M. I try to use PostGIS in PostGreSQL. Is there any
   Thanks for your great work again.
   Best Wishes.

yours Ben Jiemin
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