[ka-Map-users] Proposal to merge AJAX framework libraries

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 17:03:12 EDT 2005

Hello AJAX projects,
As you can see from the list below, there is a large number of AJAX 
libraries that a new developer can choose from and the task of reviewing 
all of them to make a selection becomes a daunting task.

I assume all projects share similar functionality and it would make 
sense to pool resources and factored out the common elements into a core 
library (library set).  All projects could be based on one well 
maintained core project.

I've set up mail list/group at 
http://groups-beta.google.com/group/ajax-web-technology to discuss the 
development of a collaborative project.  Please join and introduce 
yourself if you are interested.

I have not been able to contact some projects who probably should be 
involved.  In particular, Ruby on Rails, Google, Yahoo.  Feel free to 
forward this message on to interested parties.

I've been motivated to write this email because I want to factor AJAX 
functionality out of http://mapbuilder.sourceforge.net and incorporate 
it into an existing library, then use that library.
We have designed a Model/View/Controller design pattern into the browser 
where widgets are updated whenever an XML model is updated (by user or 
serer refresh).
Widgets are rendered by the browser using XSL.
We limit the number of widgets downloaded to the client to those used by 
using a configuration file.

I'm writing this email to all the AJAX projects identifed at:

1 Pure Javascript: Application Frameworks

1.1 DOJO (Under development; from September, 2004)
1.2 Open Rico (Under development; from May, 2005; based on earlier 
proprietary framework)
1.3 qooxdoo (Under development; from May, 2005)
1.4 Tibet (Under development; from June, 2005)
2 Pure Javascript: Infrastructural Frameworks

2.1 AjaxJS (Raw alpha; from May 2005)
2.2 Google AJAXSLT (Released June 2005)
2.3 HTMLHttpRequest (Beta; from 2001)
2.4 Interactive Website Framework (from May 2005)
2.5 LibXMLHttpRequest (Released; June 2003)
2.6 RSLite (x)
2.7 Sack (In development; from May 2005)
2.8 Sarissa (Released; from February, 2003)
2.9 XHConn (Released; from April, 2005)
3 Server-Side: Multi-Language

3.1 Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit (May 2005)
3.2 SAJAX (Workable but not 1.0; from ?March 2005)
3.3 Javascipt Object Notation (JSON) and JSON-RPC
3.4 Javascript Remote Scripting (JSRS) (from 2000)
4 Server-Side: Java

4.1 Echo 2 (from March 2005)
4.2 Direct Web Remoting (DWR) (2005)
5 Server-Side: Lisp

5.1 CL-Ajax
6 Server-Side: .NET

6.1 Ajax.NET (Under development; from March 2005)
7 Server-Side: PHP

7.1 AjaxAC (From April, 2005)
7.2 JPSpan
8 Server-Side: Ruby

Cameron Shorter

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