[ka-Map-users] ka-map+python?

Artem Pavlenko artem at pavlenko.uklinux.net
Thu Jul 7 09:12:32 EDT 2005


> The ka-Map framework is actually relatively independent of the back 
> end, it certainly doesn't require MapServer.  The client side code 
> needs an initialization script to return certain information and a 
> script to return tiles, but the implementation could be based on any 
> rendering engine you like.

Yep, as a guick hack I've written a simple Zope Product to do exactly 
that. And I do think that proper anti-aliasing rendering is a must in 
AJAX style mapping - which is one of the goals of my project.      

> I'd be interested in taking a look :)

Sure, are you on-line now? The address is http://mapnik.org/ajax-demo , 
just send me your IP off-list (it's my development box;-(.
BTW , I'm in UK = GMT

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