[ka-Map-users] browser specific issues in kamap > 0.1.1

Ed Cooley ecooley at strategy5.com
Sat Jul 16 00:01:57 EDT 2005

The panning and double click delays in ie seem to have been taken care 
of with release 0.2.0.  Some problems still exist in firefox (I haven't 
tested safari yet).    The panning waits until the mouse is released to 
move.  The sliding of the map when double clicked is not smooth, jumps 
about  second or so until centered as required.

ka-map 0.1.1  and > still have a problem in  ie and safari when a 
non-standard port is used which is releated to how the browsers return 
SERVER_HOST variable.  In firefox the port is never part of the 
SERVER_HOST environment variable.  In IE and Safari the port is in both 
the SERVER_HOST and SERVER_PORT variables.  Fix would be in init.php 
starting at line 115.

<     if (isset($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']) && $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] != '80')
<         $szURL .= ":".$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'];
 >     if (!strpos($szURL,':')) {  // check to make sure port is not 
already in SERVER_HOST variable
 >       if (isset($_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']) && $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] 
!= '80')
 >           $szURL .= ":".$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'];
 >     }


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