[ka-Map-users] quick question

Sebastian Podjasek Sebastian.Podjasek at morenet.pl
Fri Nov 4 11:17:15 EST 2005

Matthew Edmondson:

> I searched the ka-map archives list but didn't find an answer to the 
> following question: Is it possible to have most of the data stay 
> cached on the client side but refreshing a individual point data layer 
> to give to appearance of real time updates, without the need to have 
> the background GIS data refreshing with it. 

Probably you will not need this, but in my project I needed to update 
one map layer at every
tile fetch, so I've made few changes to kaMap.js and init.php to achieve 
this. Now I can declare
FORCE_REDRAW in Layer MetaData and ka-map will redraw this layer every 
Patches included...

Sebastian Podjasek
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