[ka-Map-users] Precache problem

Randy Page randy_page at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 14 16:36:11 EST 2005

Hi Folks,


I am using the current CSV version of Ka-Map, and am having a strange
problem with precache.php (am using the precache.php from 0.1.1)   If I
attempt to pre-generate the tiles, precache goes through and creates the
directories and files, but each of the image files are blank (actually, they
are the background color set in the mapfile.)   So, it seems precache is not
turning on any layers.   However, if I simply hit the web page, it generates
the tiles on the fly properly (with layers turned on.)   I found a post
which said to make the following changes, which I did with no improvement:


line 24: the path to "tile.php" has to be local
line 42: the redefinition of $ascales must be removed
line 74: the call to "tile.php" needs two more parameters:

Note that my mapfile has no groups, only a bunch of layers, all of which are
turned on by default.   Any ideas as to where I am going wrong?





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