[ka-Map-users] Keymap problem

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Nov 16 09:53:23 EST 2005

I think the problem is in keymap.php.  It gets called twice.  The  
first time, it determines the correct configuration of the keymap  
from the mapfile information and returns that information to the  
browser.  This establishes the extents of the image etc.  It also  
provides a src for the keymap image that points back to the same  
script (or at least it is supposed to), and this is failing.  The  
code uses $_SERVER['SCRIPT_URL'] to get a reference to the file that  
was called (keymap.php) but this obviously doesn't work in your  
environment.  The $_SERVER environment variables are provided by the  
web server and are unfortunately different in many cases.  I do have  
some other code in ka-Map that does this right I think ...

I've filed the following bug to track this problem:


Please add yourself as cc to this bug if you are interested in  
knowing when this is fixed in cvs.



On 16-Nov-05, at 7:30 AM, SV Vahid wrote:

> Hello,
> I have the same problem as the one posted on Nov 8 by Denny Lee:
> http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/ka-map-users/2005-November/ 
> 000558.html
> I have tried changing the mapfile in any way possible, and I can  
> view the keymap images directly from the browser but I just can't  
> get it to work in the keymap box. Does anyone have any suggestions  
> that might help ?
> Thanks in advance.
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