[ka-Map-users] Switching over to ka-Map/MapServer

Adam Ratcliffe Adam.Ratcliffe at geosmart.co.nz
Thu Nov 17 02:37:57 EST 2005


We've developed a location-based services solution that uses a commercial
map server, java-based middleware for searching our streets and points of
interest database, and a javascript client-side API for map presentation and

The maps are currently served as single raster tiles, unfortunately we've
run into performance issues with the map server software - on a dual xeon
server we can achieve a maximum throughput of only about 80 maps / minute.
As you might imagine scaling out this solution would be prohibitively

We'd like to explore using a raster tile based approach and ka-Map looks
like a great fit.

I'm interested in getting a rough idea of what kind of hardware/software
configuration we would need to support a ka-Map site with the following

- Up to 1000 concurrent users
- Map data in vector format in an Oracle Spatial database and consisting of
street level and point of interest data for the entire New Zealand region
- Responsive map panning and zooming (presumably pre-caching the image tiles
would be a good idea)

Any comments much appreciated.

Kind regards
Adam Ratcliffe

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