[ka-Map-users] Using labelcache_map_edge_buffer in a map file...

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Oct 19 15:55:49 EDT 2005

Jeremy Malczyk wrote:
> The only references to this I've seen are using mapscript. Where would 
> one use it in an actual map file?
> Reason I ask is that I have a ka-map layer that uses a WMS call to 
> another mapfile, and that defeats the metabuffer set in tile.php 
> resulting in chopped up labels. Can I just stick 
> labelcache_map_edge_edge_buffer somewhere in the map file itself? Would 
> it go in a label object or in the root map object?

Setting the labelcache_map_edge_edge_buffer metadata inside the WEB 
object at the top-level of the mapfile in your WMS server should work. 
Also make sure your WMS server is also running MapServer 4.6.x.

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