[ka-Map-users] cvs structural changes

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 9 11:32:24 EDT 2005

IMPORTANT: if you are a CVS user, you will need to update config.php ... 
read on ...


I've been meaning to make some changes to the directory structure of 
ka-Map for a while.  We've been living with some early choices that, in 
hindsight, make no sense now.  Given that I would like to do another 
release shortly, I thought now would be a good time to make the changes.

The purpose of the changes is to:

* make initial installation and set up easier
* additional security
* provide more flexibility in use

The new directory structure is:


To this end, the following changes have been made:

* config.php (and config.dist.php) have been moved from the htdocs 
directory into a new 'include' directory.  This was done primarily from 
a security/best php practices point of view.  The include directory 
should not be web-accessible in a production deployment of ka-Map.

* all javascript files have been moved from the scripts directory into 
the htdocs directory.  This allows more flexibility in use (you can load 
the js files directly rather than going through getcjs.php) and easier 
installation/setup (getcjs.php now uses the kacache folder for 
compressed versions) and better security (no more write permissions on 
the scripts folder)

I've committed changes to all the affected files to update the paths 
etc.  You MUST UPDATE config.php, there was one minor but important 
change in there that will affect all your php files.  I have changed the 
meaning of $szBaseCacheDir ... previously it was modified by the 
config.php script to add the selected map directory, now it is preserved 
as the real base cache dir and the per-map cache dir is called 

When you do a cvs update, you will get lots of warnings about lost files 
  and possibly errors (esp on config.php).  You may be better off to 
checkout a clean copy and then copy your config.php settings (probably 
just the $aszMapFiles array) to the new config.dist.php (and rename it 

You'll also need to clear your browser cache I think.

If you run into any problems, let me know immediately.


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